We help companies get the right people for their jobs within 30 days.

Recruiting candidates is easier than ever with Motravay AI Powered Job portal and recruitment software.

✔️ Access 40,000+ profiles on Motravay’s candidate database

✔️ Candidate recommendation in 1 click

✔️ Manage candidate applications on Motravay’s AI powered recruitment software

Our Services

Job Posting

You can create a job posting on Motravay in less than five minutes. Simply create an account, enter in your job’s details, preview it, and you’re ready to start hiring. on Candidate Database

Candidate Sourcing & Headhunting

With a team having more than 13 years of expertise in local & international recruitment, we help companies find people with specialized skills, handle rapid growth or simply improve their recruiting processes.

HR Consulting

We intervene as third party consultants to help your company to achieve its global objectives and goals related to human resources. We meet the stakeholders of your company to audit, analyse and recommend our best services according to your policy and procedures, carry out internal surveys and reports, legal counselling, interim and temporary staffing, employer branding and much more.

Banner Space

If you want to promote your employer brand, receive more applications for your openings, drive traffic to your career site or want to promote career & education-related events, we have the right audience for you. With thousands of daily visits in career & development, your advert are guaranteed to be shown to the right audience on Motravay.

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