What happens when you create your candidate profile?
When you create your candidate profile, employers are notified and suggested your profile according to your working preferences or your working experiences. You can be called anytime for an interview once you have created your candidate profile on Motravay.mu, so be ready!

If you don’t have a CV, your candidate profile will do the job!
On the candidates area, we have set up everything in a way that there will be no need for you to upload a CV. You will be able to add your basic information, education levels and your working experiences. In addition, your profile enables you to add your skills, the level of your skills and even a portfolio.

Increasing your employment chances with a Video Pitch.
A video pitch is a short video that you create to present yourself to your future employer. In it, you will talk about your skills, experience and qualifications like you would in your motivation letter. More importantly, you will talk about your motivation and showcase your soft-skills. You will be able to present your genuine excitement for the position, and introduce your presenting and interpersonal skills early on in the hiring process.

Follow and engage with companies.
With your candidate profile on Motravay.mu, you will be able to follow companies. Each time a company post a new job vacancy, you will get notified. In addition, you will have the option to send message to employers and companies for any of your queries. You will also be able to find reviews as well as give reviews of companies.

Wishing you all the success in your job search!